Press Releases New Elite Crackers with Emmer Wheat and Quinoa


New Elite Crackers with Emmer Wheat and Quinoa

A new idea with high nutritional value.

Our dietary habits are constantly changing and becoming more demanding. The same applies to our favourite crackers.

The Elite Crackers family embraces the dominant dietary trend of our time and introduces a new snack that combines deliciousness with the nutritional value of its ingredients: Elite Crackers with Emmer Wheat and Quinoa.

The new crackers constitute a source of protein and vegetable fibres, and have a low sugar content. These characteristics are attributed to its ingredients. Quinoa is a dried seed with a balanced content of basic amino acids, primarily lysine, and is gluten free. Emmer wheat flour has a higher nutritional value than regular flour, and the products containing it are distinguished by their slightly more characteristic nutty flavour, as well as their sweetness and deliciousness.

The very tasty and unbelievably crispy Elite Crackers with Emmer Wheat and Quinoa make for an excellent ally, whether you are in need of a breakfast boost, a light meal or simply a balanced snack at any time of the day.

Try the new Elite Crackers with Emmer Wheat and Quinoa and get a boost that will make your day.

Our natural escape!


Elite Crackers with Emmer Wheat and Quinoa is a nutritional innovation by ELBISCO, the company that always breaks new ground by satisfying the needs of the market with its unexpected, tasty proposals.


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