From the past, to the present and the future!

Kris Kris has been offering favourite products for many years now, as it is the first brand to create packaged sliced bread in Greece. Inspired by the modern world and the demanding rhythms of life, Kris Kris now stands for a new philosophy, through which it gives value to every day, using authentic, high quality ingredients and kneading only what is worth kneading!

In order to meet the different nutritional needs of consumers, Kris Kris has created a large family of delicious and nutritious products with a variety of flavours. Kris Kris, following a modern way of bread-making, offers us the product “Sliced Bread”, with Wheat and Rye, without added sugar but with all the flavour! For consumers looking for balanced nutritional choices based on the principals of the Mediterranean diet, Kris Kris offers “Slices of Life”. The sliced bread with no added sugar, containing ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and wheat germ. For the lovers of culinary delight, Kris Kris offers another favorite, “Tostimo”. A bread so tasty that can also be enjoyed plain!

Kris Kris is committed to offering us, every day, a slice that is really worth it, a slice of pure, nutritious and delicious bread!
Kris Kris: “We Knead what is of value”.

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