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Kris Kris milkid fluffy mini brioches by ELBISCO

The new amazing treat with milk is bound to enthuse your little ones.

Children love treats and parents love nutritional value. How can these two elements be combined in a delicious snack? Our favourite Kris Kris is here to offer a solution that will make everyone happy, children and adults alike! The new, fluffy Kris Kris milkid mini brioches. Kris Kris like you have never seen it before, introduces a nutritious delight to the daily diet of your little ones, which comes in the form of a new, sweet children’s snack!  The new, fluffy Kris Kris milkid mini brioches are unique, not only because they are extremely tasty… but also because they contain milk in their dough, which is kneaded together with other quality ingredients.  Obviously, they seal within them Kris Kris’ great experience in bread-making, which has made us the first and most trusted choice for our consumers.  So, mothers can now feel confident about what their children are eating and children can simply… gobble them up. The Kris Kris milkid mini brioches are amazingly fluffy and have a rich filling that comes in 3 exciting flavours, all of which can certainly excite any child. Delicious chocolate and two entirely unique choices: vanilla with milk, and caramel. Practicality and enjoyment go hand-in-hand in the new Kris Kris milkid. The package contains 5 mini brioches, one for every day, so that school can always start with a big smile.

With Kris Kris, life tastes better!

Fluffy Kris Kris milkid mini brioches are a tasty solution for children to delight in every day. They are offered by ELBISCO, the company that knows how to break new ground by satisfying the needs of the market with its unexpected, tasty offerings.

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