Awards – Distinctions “Nourishing toasted bread…the perfect snack”


“Nourishing toasted bread…the perfect snack”

Kris Kris “Tostimo!” is organizing an educational programme for schools, highlighting the value of a nourishing morning snack.


Kris Kris “Tostimo!” is using an original, interactive happening to introduce children to the ideal morning snack for school!

Since early January 2015 the award-winning ELBISCO brand has been staging a special educational programme in nurseries and kindergartens in Attica, in association with the “Kivotos” group.

The event consists in an interactive performance, based on the central idea: “Nourishing toasted bread… the perfect snack”, and featuring the character “Tostimos – Nostimos” [Delicious Toast]. Through dialogue and play the children reach the conclusion that the ideal snack for school should be nourishing, tasty, light and made from the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

“Tostimos – Nostimos” – a delicious, soft slice of toast bread – presents all its excellent qualities to the children and encourages them to opt for toast as the ideal snack.

“Kivotos” is a specialized team of instructors, teachers and actors which designs and implements group leisure and learning activities for children aged 4 to 15. The group was founded in 2004 and has to date performed for more than 150,000 children all over Greece.

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