Sliced bread is not just a dietary supplement; it has become the taste leader. Kris Kris introduces a twist in flavor that has led to two unique sliced bread products: the new Kris Kris Tostimo! with quinoa, chia and black cumin seeds and Kris Kris Tostimo! with sesame seeds.


In June, ELBISCO proceeded with a €20 million investment for the development of a new rusk production line at the Chalkida production plant. The new production line will come into operation in early 2018.


Your favorite Elite brand is once again leading the way, introducing the new Elite Crackers Mediterranean with lentil flour. It enriches even further the line of products you can choose, addressing your need for a balanced diet.


Life is much more exciting when it embraces action, adventure and the joy of sharing with friends! That’s why the popular Kris Kris Milkid buns motivate children and encourage them to experience a more active life through the Kris Kris Milkid Active Big Contest!