Press Releases


Allatini Cake Flour rewards you in the sweetest way every time you use it in your recipes. Even without a mixer, it always delivers a perfect, even volume and guaranteed success with the end result.


The Elite Crackers Mediterranean family expands further, introducing the new Mini Crackers Mediterranean in two flavors: tomato and oregano & pesto.


Sliced bread is not just a dietary supplement; it has become the taste leader. Kris Kris introduces a twist in flavor that has led to two unique sliced bread products: the new Kris Kris Tostimo! with quinoa, chia and black cumin seeds and Kris Kris Tostimo! with sesame seeds.


In June, ELBISCO proceeded with a €20 million investment for the development of a new rusk production line at the Chalkida production plant. The new production line will come into operation in early 2018.

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