Classic Rusks

Elite Classic Rusks with Rye No Added Sugar & Salt

Elite Classic Rye Rusks, with no added salt and sugar, are suitable even for those who choose a special diet limited in salt and sugar.

Crunchy and rich in fiber, they can be consumed either as a standalone snack or in combination with many other ingredients as a delicious breakfast, a balanced all-day snack or even an accompaniment to your meals.

Focusing on quality, nutritional value & new taste experiences, Elite creates tasty and nutritious products from simple and pure ingredients for over 50 years.

Classic Rusks

3+1 Δώρο
3+1 Δώρο


Αλεύρι σίτου (53%), σλεύρι σίτου ολικής άλεσης (22%), αλεύρι σίκαλης ολικής άλεσης (10%), υγρή ζύμη αρτοποιίας, φοινικέλαιο, γλουτένη σίτου, προζύμι φύτρου σίτου, βυνάλευρο κριθαριού, βελτιωτικό αλεύρου (ασκορβικό οξύ).



  Per 100g
Energy kj/Kcal 1683/399
Fat g 6,8
Saturates g 2,9
Carbohydrates g 65
Sugars g 3,6
Edible fiber g 8,1
Protein g 15,4
Salt g 0.03