Press Releases New Elite Crackers Mediterranean with Lentil Flour


New Elite Crackers Mediterranean with Lentil Flour

Incredibly tasty and genuinely wholesome!

Your favorite Elite brand is once again leading the way, introducing the new Elite Crackers Mediterranean with lentil flour. It enriches even further the line of products you can choose from for wholesome, substantial and delicious snacks, addressing your need for a balanced diet.

Made with simple and pure ingredients, which are typical of the Mediterranean diet, the new Elite Crackers Mediterranean hold a truly wholesome treasure; our tradition in flavor. Thanks to the lentil flour and precious ingredients, they provide a source of protein and fiber with multiple dietary benefits. And more importantly, they are gluten-free!

The new Elite Crackers Mediterranean with lentil flour, crunchy and delicious, come in two exciting flavors: Kalamata olives, for a more Mediterranean taste experience, and ancient seeds, such as buckwheat, amaranth and chia. No matter which flavor you choose, one thing is for certain: the exceptionally delicious Elite Crackers Mediterranean offer you precisely what you need for a delightful and substantial snack throughout the day, ensuring that you get the nutritious benefits of the Greek dietary tradition.

Elite Crackers Mediterranean with lentil flour are yet another original creation by ELBISCO, the company which is always one step ahead, to please consumers with delightful surprises.

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