Press Releases Exceptional Manager Award to the Managing Director


Exceptional Manager Award to the Managing Director

The Managing Director of ELBISCO, Mr. Dimosthenis A. Ramantanis, was honored with the Exceptional Manager 2017 award at the 17th Marketing and Sales Conference, held at the Plaza Conference Center in Marousi on Friday November 24. The event was organized by the Business Review magazine.

The Exceptional Manager award is given every year to business leaders who stand out for their ethics, personality, achievements and leadership skills under harsh conditions.

The award was presented to Mr. Ramantanis by the Vice President of the New Democracy Party and MP for Athens, Mr. Kostis Chatzidakis. Upon receiving the honorary plaque, the Managing Director of ELBISCO thanked the Committee, adding, “This award belongs to all the ELBISCO employees, who give their very best in production, sales, distribution and all operations daily.”

Mr. Ramantanis referred to the tradition of innovation that marks ELBISCO, and to the ongoing efforts to improve and adapt to the market challenges, as well as to the 4-year investment program for €30 million, to be implemented with an eye towards exports. “Just like everyone else I hope, we have been trying to change, in order to deal with the new conditions and the new markets. But what remains consistent at ELBISCO is our sense of responsibility towards consumers. It is the respect to human and cultural values ​​that we, Greeks, have linked to nutrition and upbringing: caring, sharing, sociability, the ability to create moments of joy every day with the simplest things,” Mr. Ramantanis pointed out.

The most successful product launches for 2017 were also awarded on the same day. ELBISCO was distinguished in the Bread category with the Kris Kris Whole Wheat Sandwich Rolls and in the Snack category with the Elite  Mediterranean Crackers with Lentil Flour.

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  • Kris Kris
  • Allatini
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