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Cake Flour by Allatini

The sweetest reward: 10 delicious recipes

Allatini Cake Flour rewards you in the sweetest way every time you use it in your recipes. Even without a mixer, it always delivers a perfect, even volume and guaranteed success with the end result.

Stelios Parliaros knows this well. So not only does he trust the Cake Flour for his most demanding recipes, but he also gets inspired by it for the extraordinary recipes he shares with all of us who prefer it.

Since mid-October, when buying the 500 g Cake Flour Double Pack, you get a free booklet with 10 exceptional recipes by your favorite pastry chef, together with the sweetest reward: yummy homemade cakes, delicious cookies and special ideas for festive desserts, for wholesome flavor, unbeatable originality and countless compliments.

There is no better reward than that!

Allatini! The joy of creation!