Elite Mediterranean Crackers family grows and presents Elite Mediterranean Crackers with Spinach and Dill. This additional wonderful Mediterranean taste combines spinach, dill and a variety of herbs and thus creating tasty, crisp crackers, which promis


ALLATINI, the favorite brand with presence in every Greek household for several decades, was awarded by consumers as they voted as “Product of Year 2019” its new cereal biscuits series ALLLATINI Goodness in Me. ALLATINI brand consciously has chosen to


Kris Kris, the brand that has been associated with innovation and differentiation in bread, is officially introducing to consumers its new philosophy and brand identity, “We Knead what is of value”. Changing everything we know about packaged bread, Kri


Elbisco presents its new, integrated Corporate Social Responsibility programme under the title “Elliniki Anatrofi” (Greek Nurture).  The programme’s purpose is to promote and foster respect for man and food, respectively. Elbisco CSR programme is total