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Employees Usher in a New Era

At an event held at the new rusk production line in Chalkida on Sunday April 15, the ELBISCO employees and Management inaugurated the company’s new era, marked by a new vision and corporate identity, and a series of significant business actions.

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Restructuring Leads to Flexible Organizational Chart

Aiming to successfully address the new trends and challenges in the Greek market, to accelerate its exporting potential and to maximize return on investments, ELBISCO has proceeded with organizational restructuring, adopting a more flexible management structure.

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Sponsoring Sporting Events in Local Communities

Actively participating in the sports activities of the local communities where it operates, ELBISCO sponsored the 3rd Chalkida Bridges Marathon Popular Run, the Rafina-Pikermi Municipality 1st Street Handball event and the 4th Marathon Lake 10K Run.

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Exceptional Manager Award to the Managing Director

The Managing Director of ELBISCO, Mr. Dimosthenis A. Ramantanis, was honored with the Exceptional Manager 2017 award at the 17th Marketing and Sales Conference, held at the Plaza Conference Center in Marousi on Friday November 24.

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Cake Flour by Allatini

Allatini Cake Flour rewards you in the sweetest way every time you use it in your recipes. Even without a mixer, it always delivers a perfect, even volume and guaranteed success with the end result.

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Kris Kris Tostimo! Breaks the Flavor Barrier

Sliced bread is not just a dietary supplement; it has become the taste leader. Kris Kris introduces a twist in flavor that has led to two unique sliced bread products: the new Kris Kris Tostimo! with quinoa, chia and black cumin seeds and Kris Kris Tostimo! with sesame seeds.

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New Elite Crackers Mediterranean with Lentil Flour

Your favorite Elite brand is once again leading the way, introducing the new Elite Crackers Mediterranean with lentil flour. It enriches even further the line of products you can choose, addressing your need for a balanced diet.

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