Press Releases Employees Usher in a New Era


Employees Usher in a New Era

Point of reference: new vision and logo

At an event held at the new rusk production line in Chalkida on Sunday April 15, the ELBISCO employees and Management ushered in the company’s new era, marked by a new vision and corporate identity, as well as a series of significant business actions.

The new vision is based on thoughts, ideas and proposals generated by all the people of ELBISCO, who were the fundamental source of both the vision and the values. In addition, it fully represents the company’s strategic focus on increasing exports and enhancing its presence in the global market.

Based on these, ELBISCO’s vision into the new era is “To inspire Greece, through our success in the global market, guided by Greek universal values,” which are summarized in three main pillars: Ethos, Paedia and Metron.

As the Chairman of the ELBISCO Board of Directors, Ms. Elena Filippou Coumantaros, noted during her speech:

“We aspire to become a bright example for Greece. To prove that the only path to sustainable and not ephemeral success passes through deep fundamental Greek universal values. We have the plan, we have the knowledge, we have new investments. But above all, we have competent people who give their very best daily with love and devotion.”

During the presentation of the new vision, the ELBISCO Managing Director, Mr. Dimosthenis Ramantanis, mentioned:

“Guided by the values that we believe and serve in ELBISCO, we want to spread our wings around the world. We want to succeed in the international market; to create; to make it happen; and prove to everyone that Greeks can succeed in the right way, with responsibility, justice, humanity. That’s the only path towards healthy and sustainable growth.”

ELBISCO’s new vision and values are symbolically represented in the new corporate identity, which was revealed for the first time to the company employees.

At the same time, ELBISCO’s new path is complemented by a series of significant business actions, which create the conditions for its future success. A reference point is the operation of the new, state-of-the-art rusk production line in Chalkida, a €20 million investment, with the primary objective to address international markets.

Equally important communication activities of ELBISCO’s new era include the publication of the first Sustainability Report, in line with international standards and external documentation, as well as the design of a new, unified Corporate Social Responsibility program, which places people at the center, currently underway.

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