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ELBISCO responds to the crisis with openness and investments in Greece

Starting today, toast bread is not just a supplement to our diet; it now becomes the tasty leader. Plenty of “kneading” in Kris Kris has brought about a twist in flavour and has led to two unique toast bread products: the new Kris Kris “Tostimo!” with quinoa, chia and black cumin seeds and Kris Kris “Tostimo!” with sesame.


New Pioneering Elite Crackers Mediterranean with lentil flour

Our favourite ELITE brand is once again being innovative and introduces us to the new Elite Crackers Mediterranean with lentil flour. It thus enriches even further the line of products we can choose from for wholesome, substantial and delicious snacks, addressing our need for a balanced diet.


Kris Kris Milkid Active ELBISCO’s Big Contest for Children

Life is much more exciting when it embraces action, adventure and the joy of sharing with friends! That is why the popular Kris Kris Milkid buns motivate children and encourage them to experience the pleasures of a more energetic and active life through the Kris Kris Milkid Active Big Contest!


Distinguished once again for the “i.Anywhere” application

ELBISCO was awarded with the Bronze Prize for the development of “i.Anywhere“, a mobile application for Automated Sales, at a special ceremony held at Megaron Athens Concert Hall for the “Sales Excellence Awards 2017” contest.

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