Because giving is the most beautiful feeling!

Elbisco, a purely Greek company that has for years been tending the nutrition of Greek families, is fully aware of the situation prevailing in our country making the everyday lives of many of our fellow beings harder and harder.   This is the reason why we feel that we have an obligation but also feel the need to contribute in any way possible to projects supporting families truly in need.

Consumer favourites, Elite, Allatini, Kris Kris, jointly with the non-profit company “WE CAN”, have been implementing a program offering goods that are essential to our nutrition, aimed at supporting at least 1,000 families throughout Greece.   “WE CAN” plays the role of the mediator, informing the social services of municipalities that food can be sent to them in order to distribute to those families.

Specifically: The following products: Kris Kris wheat sliced bread 700 gr; Elite Classic wheat rusks 500 gr; Allatini Petit-Beurre biscuits classic 225 gr, All-Purpose flour 1,000 gr, will be offered at a 20% discount.  This offer will be available in select stores in November 2012.

What’s most important though is that with every purchase of the above products, the consumers’ favourite brands will give 5% of sales to the stores that will participate in the program supporting at least 1,000 families by contributions in kind.

ELITE, ALLATINI and KRIS KRIS guarantee that for a period of 3 months, each family will receive 4 items of each of the participating products every month, irrespective of the sales to stores.

More families will be supported if the amount of 5% of sales is larger that the value of products sent.   In that case, more products will be sent to more families.

Corporate social responsibility will continue to form an integral part of our philosophy and strategy, contributing as much as possible to people, the environment and society as often as possible.

It is very important for all of us to be able to have the essentials.

That’s why, every purchase counts!