An all new but so familiar Greek flavour is the newest addition to the Kris Kris “Fetes Zois” High Nutritional Value sliced bread family;

It is called Kris Kris “Fetes Zois” Horiatiko and it is made using sour-dough and sesame – just like all the breads of the Kris Kris “Fetes Zois” family – has no preservatives and contains wheat germ, nature’s vault of nutritional value.

Serve it on your table, enjoy it with every meal, try it with your salads and relish the tasteful experience that only a very special sliced bread can offer. You will find it on the super-market shelves at a first-time offer discount of -0.30€.

Kris Kris “Fetes Zois”: Life on a slice of Bread!