For a purely Greek company with deep-rooted traditions and history like ELBISCO, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is something more than just the simple definition of a typical phrase.

In the current difficult economic conditions, ELBISCO has included social responsibility as an integral part of its strategy’s key directions, expressing its sense of responsibility for people.

Focusing on children and families, ELBISCO annually supports the Social Groceries of Pikermi, Rafina and Pallini, the Lyreion Foundation Orphanage, as well as the Food Bank of the Holy Diocese of Hakida, consistently offering large quantities of its products, like ELITE Rusks, KRIS KRIS Bread, ALLATINI flour and biscuits, to those in need.

The company also periodically supports the Homeless Shelter of the Municipality of Athens, and dozens other organisations and Foundations.

The stance each company takes vis-a-vis society is a sign of self-respect and corporate culture, and also projects its visions and values.

ELBISCO will always be “present”, by developing new ways of approaching its business activities through actions and values that are responsible, ethical and respectful of the environment, our neighbour, the local or greater society around us.