Pikermi, July 31st 2017

New Elite Mini Crackers Mediterranean in 2 popular tastes

The tasty little ones that come to offer greater pleasure!

The Elite Crackers Mediterranean family expands further and brings us the new Mini Crackers Mediterranean in two flavours: tomato & oregano and pesto. An exceptional choice, full of the fragrance of the Mediterranean, in small, tempting and crunchy crackers, which are bound to become our new favourite habit.

The new Mini Elite Crackers Mediterranean can be eaten any time of the day and fully satisfy our desire for a delightful snack, thanks to their two very special Mediterranean flavours. Two tastes that we love in Greece now come to expand our options even further, so that we can always have what best suits our appetite, any moment of the day.

What is more, we can now enjoy our favourite snacks easier than ever. The new Mini Elite Crackers Mediterranean come in a practical packaging, so that we can take them along any time, anywhere.

New Elite Mini Crackers Mediterranean for an even greater pleasure! A small bite is all we need for a journey to exquisite experiences in taste.

Elite Mini Crackers Mediterranean are yet another inspired creation by ELBISCO, the company which knows how to satisfy the most demanding consumers of our times with pioneering tastes in its products.