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Kris Kris has evolved through innovation and differentiation.

Kris Kris was the first packaged toast bread in Greece and the first to produce preservatives-free bread through pasteurisation.  Since then, the brand has been constantly innovating, creating and developing new sub-markets, such as the High Nutritional Value sub-market, with the launch of the Kris Kris "Fetes Zois" sliced bread family of products.

Then followed the launch of Kris Kris "Tostimo!" family of products and upgraded product values such as taste and softness, adding a gourmet dimention to toast bread.

Kris Kris also launched the first functional bread in slices with added plant sterols to reduce cholesterol, Kris Kris "Fetes Zois" Proseho, and brought unique and favourite Greek flavours to our table, like Kris Kris "Tostimo!" Mediterranean with oregano and olive oil, but also Kris Kris "Tostimo!" Tsoureki flavor with authentic Chios gum mastic.

In its long history it has received numerous awards for innovative practices and the superior taste and quality of its products, by international independent and recognised agencies.  Kris Kris "Tostimo!" has won the Superior Taste Award 2010, 2012 and 2013, while Kris Kris "Fetes Zois" received medals of quality from the Monde Selection Institute in Brussels in 2011 and 2013!

Kris Kris
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