Elite first became part of our lives in 1968, when it created the first packaged rusk.

Synonyms to quality, nutrition & taste, Elite constantly offers to consumers nutritional and tasteful products. Since 1968 when Elite created the first packaged rusk, “recipe” of success remains the same: offer innovative products that enable us to maintain a daily balanced diet. Inspired by our contemporary nutritional needs, Elite offers tasteful cereal snacks inspired by the essence and purity of nature. With so many available choices for any time of day, tasteful ideas from Elite never stop.

TV Commercials

Nέα Elite Crackers Μεσογειακά χωρίς γλουτένη!

ΝΕΑ Elite Crackers Μεσογειακά με Γραβιέρα, Μέλι & Μαύρο Σουσάμι.

Elite φρυγανιές σταρένιες με β-γλυκάνη από βρώμη