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Corporate Social Responsibility for us!

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) presupposes respect of and a sense of responsibility for people, the environment, employees and service delivery at all levels.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility to us?

For a purely Greek company with deep-rooted traditions and history like ELBISCO, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is something more than just the simple definition of a typical phrase.  

CSR stands for commitment and responsibility in matters, such as product quality and prices, transparent supplier relations and selection based on specific standards, sustainable development with immediate benefits for all stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers, community) and production plant operation with respect for the environment and local communities.

For ELBISCO S.A., Corporate Social Responsibility acts and operates in parallel with the key directions of our broader strategy and philosophy of which it forms an integral part.  For all of us, our CSR actions through and for the benefit of society are the principle of our business ethics, regulate our corporate culture and set the targets for the years to come.

We have identified the child and family, especially children deprived of childhood's joy and cheerfulness, as our main focus.

We all feel it is important to take part in and support our company's social actions and efforts.  It is important to "make" our day every day with "small" good deeds, to make our "big" world a little better for us and our children.  

Corporate social responsibility will continue to form an integral part of ELBISCO's philosophy and strategy, contributing as much as possible to people, the environment and society as often as possible.

Because any given company's corporate social responsibility is an obligation and commitment measured not in terms of quantity but rather in terms of behaviour and attitude.

CSR is part of our identity!

We are concerned with local communities and the problems or issues arising from them, as our two production plants also operate at the microcosm level of the area where they are located.

Our efforts are primarily focused on the issues of nutrition, vulnerable groups and local municipal needs. 

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