Terms and conditions for accessing the Internet website of ELBISCO SA.

1.  Visitors/users of ELBISCO SA website pages and services, must carefully read these instructions and, if they disagree with the terms stated herein, must REFRAIN FROM USING THE WEBSITE.   Otherwise it shall be presumed that they accept the perms herein and offer their consent.   All legal information and terms of these presents shall govern all the pages of the ELBISCO SA website, except if otherwise stated in any specific page.

2.  Limited liability: Upon logging into this website, visitors/users of the ELBISCO SA pages and services  accept that they shall use the website at their own responsibility, and that none of the parties involved in the creation or production of this website bear any responsibility whatsoever.   It shall be noted that such parties shall not be responsible for any direct, incidental, consequential or indirect loss, or for any costs or expenses of any nature (including lawyers’ or experts’ fees or other expenses), which may directly or indirectly ensue from access, use or surfing this website or from downloading of any material, text, data, images, video, or audio files from this website, including, but not limited to, anything that may be caused by a virus, bug, human act or omission, by any computer system, telephone line, hardware, software or program malfunction, or any other error, omission or delay in the computer or network transmission.

3.   ELBISCO SA, offering no guarantees and therefore bearing no responsibility, shall make every effort possible so that all information and the entire content be governed by maximum accuracy, clarity, time-relevance, completeness and availability.   In no case, including negligence, will ELBISCO SA be held liable for any loss caused to visitors/users as a result of said use of the website.  Information, all the content and the services are offered “AS IS”, with no guarantee, explicit or tacit, ELBISCO S.A. expressly denying any said guarantee, including but not limited to those regarding marketability or suitability.

4.  Intellectual and industrial property rights: All the content of this website, including, but not limited to texts, names, trademarks, logos, graphics, drawings, photographs, video or audio files and in general files of any type, constitutes the intellectual property of ELBISCO SA and is governed by all national and international provisions on Intellectual Property, excluding the explicitly recognised third-party rights.   Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, republish, copy, store, sell, transmit, distribute, release, execute, download, translate, amend in any way, in part or by summarising the content, without the prior explicit consent of ELBISCO SA, except if otherwise specified herein.   Users/visitors hereby accept that anything included in the pages of this website shall constitute a registered trademark or product of intellectual property of ELBISCO SA or any third party (used as licensed) and therefore any unauthorised use may lead to sanctions or fines imposed.

5. Users/visitors of this website shall be obliged to comply with the provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and also refrain from any illegal or abusive use of the content and services of this website.   Users/visitors shall be exclusively responsible for any loss caused to this website or the Internet, which will be the result of bad or unfair use of the relevant services on their part.

6. Illegal or unfair behaviour: Users/visitors of this website shall not publish in nor transmit through this website any pornographic, indecent, profane, slanderous, insulting, threatening, illegal or other material that could constitute or encourage behaviour that could constitute a criminal offence, cause civil liability, or in any other way violate any provision of law.   Although ELBISCO SA or any other party involved in the creation or production of this website may monitor, inspect or review transmissions, dispatches, ELBISCO SA all parties involved in the creation or production of this website disclaim any liability that may result from their content, including, without limitation, claims for slander, insult, blasphemy, false impersonation or breach of intellectual property rights.

7.  Hyperlinks: Although this website is likely to be connected to other websites, it shall not be responsible for the content and the services of such other websites to which it may refer through links or banners, nor does it guarantee their availability.   ELBISCO  SA disclaims any direct or indirect approval, endorsement, relation, sponsorship or cooperation with connected websites, except where this is explicitly mentioned.   By entering this website, visitors/users of the website accept that ELBISCO SA is not responsible for any problems that may arise during their visit in/use of the connected websites, for which said websites shall be exclusively responsible.

8.  Review hereof: ELBISCO   SA reserves the right to review this legal information at any time and for any reason, without prior notice or obligation.   Users/visitors shall be obliged to check for any changes every time, and if they continue using the website, it shall be presumed that they accept the amended terms and conditions.   Otherwise, they shall be obliged to refrain from using/visiting this website.

9.  Applicable Law: This use contract shall be governed by Greek Law, the directives and regulations of European Law and the relevant International provisions, and shall be construed on the basis of the rules on good faith, moral conventions and the financial and social purpose of the right.   If any provision is found to be contrary to the law and hence invalid, it shall ipso jure no longer apply, without affecting the validity of the other terms.   No amendment of the terms of this contract shall be considered and shall constitute part hereof, unless it is made in writing and incorporated hereto.   Any dispute arising herefrom shall be resolved by the competent Courts of Athens.

10.  The management and protection of Personal Data of users/visitors of this website shall be subject to the terms of this section and the relevant provisions of Greek Law (Law  2472/1997 as complemented by the Decisions of the Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, Presidential Decrees  207/1998 and 79/2000 and art. 8 of Law  2819/2000) and of the European Law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).  Any future relevant provision shall constitute part of this section.  Should any visitor/user not agree with the terms for personal data protection stipulated in this section, they shall refrain from using the services of this website.   Users/visitors are not required to enter personal data in order to use this website.   Exceptionally, personal data will be requested if a visitor/user wishes the enrol in the members’ area of the website, and also if a visitor/user wishes to take part in any of the competitions organised through this website.  ELBISCO SA shall not use the email addresses provided by users/visitors for promotional or marketing activities, without their consent.   This website shall safeguard the personal nature of your data and may not disclose them to third parties (except as stipulated by Law and only to the competent authorities).  This website keeps records of personal data entered by users/visitors exclusively for communication and statistical purposes and for improving the services provided, and it may process part or all such data for statistical, market research or service improvement reasons.  Visitors/users may communicate with the respective department by calling 2106606426, so a to discover whether the website has a personal record  of theirs and demand that it be corrected, changed or deleted.

11.  This website uses “cookies”, a technology used to identify visitors/users of some services and webpages in this website.   Cookies are small text files (max 4 KB) that can be stored in the hard drive of every visitor/user, without receiving information about documents or files in the computer.  They are used to facilitate visitors’/users’ access to specific pages and services of this website or for statistical reasons.   Visitors/users may configure their server in such a way so as to be notified regarding the use of cookies in specific pages/services of this website, and they may also be able to not allow acceptance of the use of cookies.

12.  For users under 18, prior parental consent is required prior to the entry of any personal data in the ELBISCO SA  website.