ELBISCO is very happy to have started, since September 2013, a permanent cooperation with the Supreme Confederation of Multi-Child Parents of Greece (ASPE) and the Athens Association of Multi-Child Parents (EPA), as the highest institutional bodies representing the multi-child parents’ community in the country.

Since the care and support of children and families form a key direction in our Corporate Social responsibility strategy, we are confident that this cooperation will offer practical assistance and bring our products closer to Multi-Child families throughout Greece.   ELBISCO will support events of Multi-Child families, will distribute products and discount vouchers, and will appear in their magazine sent to all members in Greece.   At the same time, the company will be able to get involved and participate in select actions of the Confederation, thus building a targeted and long-term cooperation.

The cooperation was officially launched on Sunday 08. 09. 2013, during the event organised for the “first graders”, at the Intercontinental hotel.   This is an event organised every year for the children of multi-child families that will go to the first grade of primary school; this year, ELBISCO was there with a beautiful stand, offering bags with our products as well as «Tostimo!» lunch boxes, for the school snack of the entire family!