Allatini is the first to offer petit-beurres with chocolate! All the delight and flavour in one simple biscuit.  The wonderful aroma and flavour are preserved even after the package is opened thanks to the easy open-close system of the adhesive label.

You have never tasted a petit-beurre like this!

The memories  of our childhood are scented with the beloved flavour of the Petit-beurre biscuits.  It is the biscuit that we held onto while taking our first steps, the biscuit that our mum used in mouth-watering sweets…it is the biscuit that smells like home.

Allatini is a brand whose name stands for quality and tradition, and holds a leading position in the Flour industry, giving life to simple and authentic flavours and creations we all love!

Allatini, a gesture of love!