Allatini, one of the oldest and most favourite Flour brands, is found on products for the entire family.  In 1968, Allatini All-Purpose Flour is the first packaged flour to be found in every household, and since then, the brand has been a synonym for Quality, Purity and Tradition creating products with care and love, giving life to simple, authentic flavours and creations that we all cherish!

From 1968 to date* Allatini All-Purpose Flour has filled countless family tables throughout Greece with with flavour and relish and has stood out for its unrivalled quality, the convenience it offers for creating everyday family recipes, but mainly for the guaranteed result! So it is no accident that it has, for years, been the number one favourite choice of Greek housewives across generations.

This year, as a necessary “raw material” for foods and desserts, Allatini All-Purpose flour will prove to us why our kitchen should never be without it and will also reveal secrets and tips on preparing delicious recipes using it as a main ingredient, because, as the name suggests: it is the ALL-Purpose flour!!

Two women, cooking experts, Aliki Mara and Litsa Sakka, will unravel their respective kitchen experiences and stories, starring Allatini All-Purpose Flour.  Aliki with creative and original recipes that will make everyday lives of modern families a lot easier, and Litsa in the role of a classical, traditional cook who remembers being taught to use Allatini flour from her grandmother! The campaign promises a series of recipes and secrets on how to use the Allatini All-Purpose Flour as an ally to make the most delicious dishes.

Just before Easter 2013, the two ladies will embark with Allatini All-Purpose Flour on a tasteful journey with recipes that they will jointly prepare in selected points of sale in Attica.   Each one will prepare traditional Easter recipes before a live audience and explain the process step by step, revealing the secrets for absolute success using Allatini All-Purpose Flour,  while the audience will be gathering tips on the magical world of cooking.  At the end, a recipe book will be handed out.

The planned sessions are:

  • Friday 12 (17:30-20:30) & Saturday 13 April (12:00-15:00): Carrefour Planet in Gerakas
  • Friday 19 (17:30-20:30), Saturday 20 April (12:00-15:00): Veropoulos Super Market in  Nea Smyrni
  • Friday 26 (17:30-20:30), Saturday 27 April (12:00-15:00): Sklavenitis (IZOLA) in Kallithea

For more information and weekly updates on the sessions, please visit the Allatini Facebook page http://elbisco.grwp-content/uploads/elbisco_files/

*Produced and packaged in Greece for the past 25 years by ELBISCO SA.