Our childhood memories are filled with the aroma of Easter or other festive cookies, when mummy and grandma used to bake cookies filling the entire with with their wonderful aroma! So, what could be better than being able to pick those little treats up at the super-market, and indeed as tasty as the ones we would make at home!.

Allatini, a brand whose name stands for quality, purity and tradition, holds a leading position in the Flour industry, giving life to simple and authentic flavours and creations we all love! So it has created new delicious Cookies and Must-Cookies with authentic, rich and home-made flavour.  Made with care and love, they are available in 3 classic flavours: Butter Cookies, Orange Zest Cookies and Soft Must-cookies, ideal for fasting.

Allatini Cookies are intended for the discerning clientèle in constant search for a truly pure and authentic flavour from a Greek brand with long term tradition & history.  They are excellent quality products with wonderful flavour, inspired by our childhood memories, with double packaging to protect the product from the sun and moisture and preserve the aroma and flavour.

Allatini, a gesture of love!