Our childhood memories are scented with the beloved flavour of the Petit-beurre biscuits.  It is the biscuit that we held onto while taking our first steps, the biscuit that our mum used in mouth-watering sweets…it is the biscuit that smells like home.  

Allatini is a brand whose name stands for quality and tradition, and holds a leading position in the Flour industry, giving life to simple and authentic flavours and creations we all love! So it has crated a new flavour twist of the Classic Petit-beurre, with rich flavour and a fluffy and crunchy texture!

Made with care and love, they are available in 5 splendid variations: Petit-beurre Classic, Petit-beurre Whole Wheat flour, Petit-beurre Milk & Honey, Milk Chocolate covered Petit-beurre, Butter Petit-beurre.

Allatini Petit-beurres are intended for the discerning clientèle in constant search for a truly authentic flavour from a Greek brand with long term tradition & history.   These are products with exquisite taste, inspired by our own childhood memories.  

Packaging now offers recipes for favourite and mouthwatering Petit-beurre desserts, and features easy open-close to preserve the all aroma and flavour once opened.   Allatini, a gesture of love! To the journalists: ELBISCO SA is licensed to use the ALLATINI brand and has some of the better known and most successful brands in Greece, such as Elite, Kris Kris, Vossinaki and Forma.  To ELBISCO S.A., the pursuit for product renewal and innovation is a priority among business activities.  

The company has a long-standing presence in the food market and places a great deal of emphasis on research and development for delightful products with High Nutritional Value, prioritising quality and safety.  ELBISCO SA belongs to the ELBISCO HOLDING SA Group, listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994.  For further information: Please contact Ms Dimitra Daskalakis, tel.: 210 6606234. 

Allatini, a gesture of love!