New Kris Kris big soft buns and rolls for Hamburgers and Sandwiches. The ultimate taste experience!

ELBISCO introduces a new taste experience, with Kris Kris big soft buns and rolls!   Starting today, the taste experience of eating a Hamburger or a Sandwich is being transformed into a scrumptious delight with the new Kris Kris soft buns and rolls. Thanks to their recipe, the new Kris Kris buns and rolls are amazingly plush and soft with a great taste that makes them absolutely delicious. Plus, they are so big that they can fit all the ingredients your heart desires. This is what makes them so hearty and filling!   Once again, Kris Kris has used its great experience in bread-making to create and enrich consumers’ choices on the supermarket shelves. At last, we can now have buns and rolls that offer the full experience of a delicious hamburger or sandwich, just as we have always dreamed of. Soft, delicious and filling!   With Kris Kris, everything tastes better!   Kris Kris soft buns and rolls for Hamburgers and Sandwiches are another quality solution from ELBISCO, the company that knows how to innovate and respond to market needs with its exciting ideas.