ELBISCO supports those in need

Company products offered to the Refugee Camp in Ritsona and to the Municipal Social Grocery Store of Chalkida

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, ELBISCO regularly contributes to covering the food needs of the refugees located in Greece, as well as of other socially vulnerable groups, through local government structures.

In January, ELBISCO offered a total of more than 21,000 packages of Elite rusks and crackers, as well as Allatini biscuits to the Refugee Camp in Ritsona and to the Social Grocery Store of Chalkida.

This action follows on from the cooperation of ELBISCO with the local government, as well as with NGOs and bodies involved in humanitarian aid. From 2016 to this day, ELBISCO has offered more than 170,000 packages of its products to support actions and initiatives of social solidarity.