Brand new sliced bread by Kris Kris in 2 fresh flavors!

Delicious and nutritious “Fetes Zois Complete” & “Fetes Zois High Protein” 

Kris Kris “Fetes Zois”, the first to establish a healthy choice of bread in our lives, now take the next step with 2 new flavors: “Fetes Zois Complete” with quinoa and pumpkin seed flour & “Fetes Zois High Protein” with legume flour.

Kris Kris “Fetes Zois Complete” with quinoa and pumpkin seed flour is a source of fiber and protein. They contain plenty of nutrients which combined with the pumpkin seeds give the bread all the fullness we seek, and more – nutritional benefits and a rich and hearty flavor.

Kris Kris “Fetes Zois High Protein” with legume flour is the ideal choice for those who follow a diet rich in protein, and especially for those who exercise, as they contribute to increased muscle mass and maintain the natural condition of the bones. Thus, a unique taste experience and a high nutritional value balance in a delicious and nutritious bread.

In addition to the creation of the 2 new flavors, Kris Kris “Fetes Zois Wholemeal” and “Fetes Zois Wheat” get renewed and become “Fetes Zois High Fiber” & “Fetes Zois Balance” respectively, so that their nutritional benefits are recognized even more easily and we find exactly what suits us best.

Kris Kris “Fetes Zois High Fiber” address to dark bread lovers, as they are rich in fiber and contain wheat germ, a genuine vault of nature’s nutritional value.

Kris Kris “Fetes Zois Balance” are enriched with fiber and wheat germ in a balanced combination of the taste of white bread with the nutritional value of black bread.

Kris Kris, Makes life tasty!