Best Launching Medals 2016

for ELBISCO at the 16th Marketing & Sales Conference

The distinctions continue for ELBISCO, whose products and corporate practices have stood out in 2016 in renowned Greek and international competitions, winning important awards.  Its latest achievement was on Friday, 25 November, at the 16th Annual Marketing & Sales Conference, once again underlining the company’s innovation and effectiveness in creating and promoting new products.

ELBISCO was awarded the Best Launching Medal 2016 for its Kris Kris Hamburger & Sandwich products in the ‘Bread’ category, and for its Mediterranean Elite Crackers with Honey & Graviera Cheese and Brown Sugar & Cinnamon in the ‘Savoury Snacks’ category.

The now established Annual Marketing & Sales Conference was successfully organised under the auspices of finance magazine THE BUSINESS REVIEW (Sales Marketing & Business Review), titled: New conditions and changes in entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. Business, sales, marketing from the “left”.  The Business Review, in collaboration with a committee made up of Research (IRI), S/M and Communications executives, presented the companies with the most successful launches in the food, drinks and cosmetics categories, and awarded special prizes.