Local Communities Support

Chalkida Bridges Marathon

Elbisco supports «Chalkida Bridges Marathon» 4th Running Race

In October 2017, Elbisco as one of the sponsors of «Chalkida Bridges Marathon», 4th Running Race offered its products to the athletes participating.

This particular race, which is under the auspices of Chalkida Municipality, is a significant athletic event both for Chalkida but also for the rest of Greece.

Elbisco  «breaks down» its Guinness Record for a good cause

In 2014, Elbsico obtained the Guinness Worldwide Record with Elite brand for the creation of the biggest in length wooden picnic table.  After that achievement, the company “broke down” its Record and donated part of the wood majority to the Rafina – Pikermi Municipality in order to complete the Dionis Firehouse, as well as the “Kivotos tou Kosmou” organization so as to enhance the organization’s children camp in Rafina, Furthermore, Elbisco offered to “Kivoto tou Kosmou” more than 3,480 Elite products as we as 9,600€.

‘By the River of Lilas’: ELBISCO was sponsor of the 3rd International Cultural Meeting

Once again, in 2017 Elbisco sponsored the 3rd International Cultural Meeting “By the River of Lilas”.  During the Meeting many musical, theatrical and cultural happenings performed by Greek & European artists offer a unique cultural event for all ages.

“Pikermi, the Land of Crystals”

Elbisco sponsored the Album “Pikermi, the Land of Crystals: published by the Greek Centre of Art & Culture.  The Album reflects a significant flashback in Pikermi’s history, environment and tradition by the use of rare visual material, experiences and descriptions of historical events.


ELBISCO sponsors athletic events in local communities

ELBISCO, actively participating in the sports activities of the local communities where it operates, sponsored the 3rd “Chalkida Bridges Marathon” Popular Run, the 1st Street Handball of the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi and the 4th Marathon Lake Run 10K. The 3rd “Chalkida Bridges Marathon” Popular Run was held on Sunday 15 May 2016, in collaboration with the Municipality of Chalkida, in support of “The Good Samaritan” Pan-Euboean Association. On the same day, the 1st Street Handball event of the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi was held, in collaboration with the Hellenic Handball Federation. The 4th Marathon Lake Run 10K, was organized on Sunday, 22 May by the Telmissos Association of Nea Makri-Marathon, in collaboration with the Municipality of Marathon. At the runs held in Chalkida and Marathon, ELBISCO offered to both runners and spectators its Elite Biscuits with Oat Flakes, Honey and Raisins and Crackers with Rye and Oat Flakes. At the 1st Street Handball event of the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, young sports fans had the opportunity to try the new KINGS Brioche and Soft Cookies from Allatini.


ELBISCO a Major Sponsor of the Chalkida “Sea Carnival 2016”

ELBISCO supported the city’s major festival – Sea Carnival 2016 – by donating Allatini biscuits and Kings Brioche at the scheduled events.



KINGS a gold sponsor for Iraklis Chalkidas team

KINGS, as a Gold sponsor, stood by the side of the Iraklis Chalkidas men’s volleyball club throughout the 2015-16 season. The sponsorship was deemed a great success, as the Iraklis Chalkidas Kings rose to the A1 division. ELBISCO will continue to support the Iraklis Chalkidas men’s volleyball club as a major sponsor this year. ELBISCO Corporate Communication and Reputation Manager Katerina Loungi stated: “Iraklis Chalkidas Kings made us very proud and inspired us this past year. Step by step, they reached the top spot in the championship thanks to the passion, methodical approach and discipline of their players, the team spirit and the personal effort of each player individually. The team proved that where there is a will, no goal is unattainable. Following the same values and with all of our support, Iraklis Chalkidas Kings can now make their name in the A1 division. The ELBISCO family and the local community of Chalkida will continue to be by the team’s side. Best of luck to our team!”


Sponsorship of Evia’s Dirfys Marathon

ELBISCO sponsored the mountain marathon race held 19 July 2015 on Mount Dirfys under the auspices of the Municipality of Dirfys-Messapia. Proceeds from the event were donated to the “Good Samaritan” Pan-Evian Association for Abused Women and Children to help with the purchase of a digital mammography machine for Chalkida General Hospital. <!–

1st “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” race

ELBISCO family was there in full force on 7 June 2015 at the 1st “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” race starting from Lake Marathon. The aim of the event was to collect food for vulnerable social groups. ELBISCO donated 9 kg of flour for every kilometer run by its employees. About 5 tonnes of flour was collected in total for distribution to our less fortunate fellow citizens.–>