Social Actions



Elbisco supports «Oloi Mazi Boroume» action

With main emphasis in providing support and help to those in need, Elbisco supported the consecutive Running Races 4th (June 2017) & 5th (October 2017) organized by «Oloi Mazi Boroume» by offering products (flour); in addition, Elbisco employees took part in the racing as an extra supportive approach.

Via this effort, Elbisco attempts to give back to the society and also, supports those who are in need and despair.


Xmas bazaar 2017

Elbisco by the side of “Hamogelo tou Pediou”

Elbisco fully supports the organization “Hamogelo tou Pediou” significant actions and scope.


ELBISCO in support of the social campaign “Oloi Mazi Mporoume”

In December, the company offered over 1,300 product packages for the purposes of the action. Having adopted the strengthening of social solidarity as a priority in the context of its Social Responsibility, ELBISCO has supported the voluntary campaign “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” by means of product donation. In particular, on December 15, 2016 the company delivered more than 1,300 product packages, which were equally allocated to the Hellenic Red Cross and the NGO “Apostoli”. The “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” initiative has completed five years of action, having during this time collected more than 5 million kilos of food to cover food needs throughout the country.


ELBISCO scholarship programme for Ph.D. candidates at Panteion University

The company establishes a financial support programme for doctoral research on modern Greek culture

In the photo from left to right, Mrs. Ismini Kriari, Dean of Panteion university and Mrs. Dimitra Filippou.

In the photo from left to right, Mrs. Ismini Kriari, Dean of Panteion university and Mrs. Dimitra Filippou.

As part of its corporate responsibility, ELBISCO introduces a scholarship programme for Ph.D. candidates of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture at Panteion University in Athens. The scholarship entitled “Dimitra Filippou Greek Culture Scholarship” will offer a monthly stipend for students working on a doctoral dissertation in Cultural Studies with an emphasis on topics related to Greek society in the modern era. The academic and economic framework of the scholarship programme has been set out in the Scholarship Memorandum signed between ELBISCO and Panteion University on 28 September 2016. ELBISCO implements a dynamic outreach strategy, drawing strength from the wisdom and values of Greek cultural heritage. In this context, it has adopted the support of academic research on issues related to modern Greek culture as a central pillar of its corporate responsibility. “In Greece, our diet is not just a means of survival and nutrition, but also an element of the culture that is inextricably linked to social customs, traditions, emotional ties and rules.  We are especially pleased to be embarking on this cooperation with Panteion University. We hope that through this partnership, we will contribute to producing knowledge and to highlighting the invaluable cultural assets of Greece,” Ms Dimitra Filippou said. According to the terms of the programme, ELBISCO will determine the number of scholarships, while the support for each recipient will be granted for a period up to three years.

Solidarity actions for refugees

Elbisco within in the framework of corporate social responsibility has cooperated with the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki and the NGOs Action Aid and ARSIS to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees and migrants living in Greece. The company has delivered in total 150.000 packages of its products, which were distributed as food aid to refugees hosted at the facilities in Cherso Kilkis, Eidomeni, Nea Kavala, Giannitsa, Diavata and in Thessaloniki. In addition, Elbisco in collaboration with the NGO “Desmos”, has offered more than 20.000 packages of biscuits and crackers Allatini in order to cover food needs of the Refugee Camp at Ritsona.

Gaitanaki apo Filia: ELBISCO sponsors Lyceum’s Club of Greek Women performance at Athens “Megaro” Concert Hall

As part of its ongoing commitment to support the efforts for the preservation of the Greek cultural heritage and traditions, ELBISCO sponsored the “Gaitanaki apo Filia” performance presented by the Lyceum Club of Greek Women held on 22 and 23 February at the Athens “Megaro” Concert Hall. The musical dance spectacle dedicated to the kiss was inspired by traditional Greek songs and dances, melodies from the interwar period and modernproductions by renowned Greek composers.

Embracing the child and family

ELBISCO donated 800 packages of its products to the summer festival held by the Kifisia municipal daycare centres on 15 June 2015. In addition, the company donated products to a fête for children held by the Pikermi Athletic Club on 26 September 2015 to celebrate the club’s 25th anniversary.

ELBISCO supports the social grocery stores in its neighbourhood!

We are concerned with local communities and their problems, as our two production plants also operate at the microcosm level of the area where they are located. Taking seriously into account the adverse economic conditions that our country has been recently experiencing, in the past few years we have been trying to support the local Social Groceries in Pikermi, Rafina and Pallini, by offering our products, thus strengthening the local solidarity network in terms of offering food to vulnerable groups. Organisations – Final Recipients of products

  • Caritas
  • “Anasa” Centre for Mental Health Rehabilitation
  • “Galini” Parish Centre of the Estavromenos Church (Tavros)
  • Children’s Health Centre of Kessariani
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Ilioupoli – Tact Hellas
  • Social Grocery of the Municipality of Halandri
  • Child Care Association of Athens



Since summer 2013, ELBISCO has designed and is implementing recycling actions both in its plants and warehouses, and in the office buildings in Pikermi, Halkida an Magoula. Working closely with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, we strategically placed 80lt bins throughout our facilities enabling all our employees to recycle paper, paper or plastic packaging, aluminium cans and other items. There is also the capability of recycling batteries, office appliances, as well as computer consumables.  The purpose of this action is to inform, educate, raise the awareness of and energise all employees to realise the importance of recycling and to adopt it as a life culture, both in their professional and in their personal lives.

Contributing to local communities

Taking seriously into account the adverse economic conditions that our country has been recently experiencing, we have been trying to help vulnerable groups through our sponsorships, donating quantities of our products.  So: – Since autumn 2010 we have “adopted” the Lyreion Foundation orphanage in Mati, Attica, as well the Food Bank of the Holy Diocese of Halkida sending them flour, bread, rusks and biscuits every year. – Since January 2013, we have been providing the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP) with food products for the children’s breakfast on monthly basis. – We regularly supply the Charity Groceries of Pikermi, Rafina and Pallini. – We also supply food products to schools, cultural organisations and implement other actions in Pikermi and Halkida. – We regularly provide food products to churches, municipalities, communities and other organisations in Attica and across Greece.

Guided tour of the Pikermi plant

In 2010, a guided tours program was launched for primary and high school students at the Pikermi production plant. The program was successfully repeated in 2011 and 2012. All in all, approximately 45 guided tours were performed for primary school pupils (5th and 6th grade) and high school students from around Athens. It is important that in every guided tour, both students and their teachers were left with excellent impressions from both the plant and -mostly- its people, who are avidly and willingly involved in the project. The guided tours is a major corporate social responsibility action for us, because we contribute to children’s education and promote our work, our company’s Greek bearings and our products.