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ELBISCO, a company investing in research and innovation and characterised by a strong sense of social responsibility – which constitutes an integral part of its wider strategy and philosophy – has developed new, highly nutritious cereal-based products to help enhance consumer health.

The development of these new products and the exploration of their beneficial properties regarding consumer health were carried out in partnership with the Department of Dietetics & Nutritional Science of the Harokopio University and the Medical School of the National and Capodistrian University of Athens*.

The key idea underlying the project was to design and manufacture functional cereal products from top-quality ingredients enriched with natural bioactive components, the intake of which can help preserve the metabolic homeostasis of the human organism. The new products were thoroughly studied through the application of clinical trials on healthy volunteers and patients with type II diabetes, generating outstanding results.

The project demonstrates ELBISCO’s social responsibility as a key element of the company’s business ethics, permeating its corporate culture and defining its targets for the years to come.

* The project “Functional cereal products and their contribution to enhanced consumer health” was co-financed by Greece and the EU’s European Regional Development Fund as part of the operation entitled “Programme for the Development of Industrial Research and Technology (PAVET) 2013”, of the National Strategic Research Framework 2007-2013. PAVET 2013 is being implemented by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs.

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Our vision is to create best dietary choices for everyone!
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Our vision is to create best dietary choices for everyone!
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