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ELBISCO was distinguished in Europe’s largest business competition


ELBISCO has received one more distinction, being recognised as one of the National Champions for Greece in The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM, Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community. 


The Awards, now in its 10th year, is supported by business leaders, academics and political representatives from across Europe, and this year engaged with over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries.


ELBISCO has been chosen after the first phase of judging by an independent panel. It has been evaluated on the core values of innovation, ethics and success and will now go through to the second stage of the competition, which includes a video and a public vote, to represent Greece in the business category “Employer of the Year”.


ELBISCO S.A. is a Greek company that has been consistently and reliably serving the local market since 1967. The company produces products that are favoured by thousands of Greek families and are exported to more than 20 international destinations.


Dimosthenis Ramantanis, Managing Director of ELBISCO S.A. said: “We are very proud to be distinguished as a National Champion. The European Business Awards is considered as the showcase for Europe’s most dynamic companies. Being recognized at this level is a significant achievement, reflecting the clear vision and the strong values that drive our strategy and everyday work.”


Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “Congratulations to ELBISCO who has been selected to represent its country as National Champions. It is central to the success of Europe’s strong business community, and has shown the core principles we look for of innovation, ethics and success.”

For more details click on the link:http://www.businessawardseurope.com/
To check the list of all Greek companies that were distinguished, click on the link:http://www.businessawardseurope.com/national-champion/co/Greece/2016




New Kris Kris big soft buns and rolls for Hamburgers and Sandwiches. The ultimate taste experience!

ELBISCO introduces a new taste experience, with Kris Kris big soft buns and rolls!


Starting today, the taste experience of eating a Hamburger or a Sandwich is being transformed into a scrumptious delight with the new Kris Kris soft buns and rolls. Thanks to their recipe, the new Kris Kris buns and rolls are amazingly plush and soft with a great taste that makes them absolutely delicious. Plus, they are so big that they can fit all the ingredients your heart desires. This is what makes them so hearty and filling!


Once again, Kris Kris has used its great experience in bread-making to create and enrich consumers’ choices on the supermarket shelves. At last, we can now have buns and rolls that offer the full experience of a delicious hamburger or sandwich, just as we have always dreamed of. Soft, delicious and filling!


With Kris Kris, everything tastes better!


Kris Kris soft buns and rolls for Hamburgers and Sandwiches are another quality solution from ELBISCO, the company that knows how to innovate and respond to market needs with its exciting ideas. 


ELBISCO sponsors athletic events

ELBISCO, actively participating in the sports activities of the local communities where it operates, sponsored the 3rd “Chalkida Bridges Marathon” Popular Run, the 1st Street Handball of the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi and the 4th Marathon Lake Run 10K.


The 3rd “Chalkida Bridges Marathon” Popular Run was held on Sunday 15 May, in collaboration with the Municipality of Chalkida, in support of “The Good Samaritan” Pan-Euboean Association. On the same day, the 1st Street Handball event of the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi was held, in collaboration with the Hellenic Handball Federation.


The 4th Marathon Lake Run 10K, was organized on Sunday, 22 May by the Telmissos Association of Nea Makri-Marathon, in collaboration with the Municipality of Marathon.


At the runs held in Chalkida and Marathon, ELBISCO offered to both runners and spectators its Elite Biscuits with Oat Flakes, Honey and Raisins and Crackers with Rye and Oat Flakes. At the 1st Street Handball event of the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, young sports fans had the opportunity to try the new KINGS Brioche and Soft Cookies from Allatini.



ELBISCO collaborates with the NGO “DESMOS”, to cover food needs of the Refugee Camp at Ritsona

ELBISCO as part of its actions to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and migrants living in Greece, has collaborated with the Non Profit Foundation “Desmos” in order to cover food needs of the Refugee Camp at Ritsona.


More specifically, the company has offered more than 20.000 packages of biscuits and crackers Allatini. The products were provided through “Desmos” to the Austrian NGO “Echo100Plus”, one of the organizations that are officially operating in the Ritsona accommodation facility, assisting in the work of the Hellenic Air Force.


This action follows the cooperation between ELBISCO, the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki and the NGOs Action Aid and ARSIS, concerning the distribution of more than 150,000 packages, which were provided as food aid to refugees hosted at the facilities of Elaionas, Schisto and Lesvos, and at camps in Herso, Eidomeni, Nea Kavala, Giannitsa, Diavata and the city of Thessaloniki.



New investment by ELBISCO. The company is investing €20 million in a new production line for rusks

ELBISCO, implementing a consistent strategy of extroversion and competitiveness, is undertaking an investment of €20 million, which will complete a 3-year investment plan amounting to €30 million. The investment concerns the creation of a new rusk production line that will come into operation in early 2018.


The operation of the new production line will create new growth prospects for ELBISCO, by increasing its rusk production capacity by 40%. The additional product quantities will be channelled to the European export market, by exploiting cooperation opportunities with major companies and retail chains.


The business benefits and prospects that will stem from this investment will allow ELBISCO to maintain its leading position in the domestic rusk market, strengthen its growth and profitability through exports and secure jobs on a long-term basis.


The new production line will be constructed in Halkida by expanding the existing ELBISCO facilities, since the company has already exhausted the statutory building capacity at its facilities in Pikermi, where the current rusk production line is located.


Employees working on rusk production will continue their work at the new unit, when it is completed. The company provide daily transfer to and from the plant in Halkida. ELBISCO has also developed a special Voluntary Retirement programme with favourable financial terms, in order to support any employees who may choose not to continue working at the new production line.


The Managing Director of ELBISCO, Mr Dimosthenis Ramantanis, stated: “In recent years, while operating against a backdrop of adverse economic conditions, ELBISCO has achieved a positive performance while also ensuring its future growth through major investments. Today, we continue and expand our investment programme in order to create new opportunities in the local and – mainly – the European market. The development of the new rusk production line will allow us to take a leap of extroversion, which will create added value for the company, its employees and the Greek economy.”



ELBISCO joins forces with the Municipality of Athens and Action Aid to provide humanitarian aid to refugees

ELBISCO is launching its cooperation with the Municipality of Athens and the NGO Action Aid to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees and migrants living in Greece.


The company has delivered in total 109,606 packages of its products, which will be distributed as food aid to refugees hosted at the facilities in Elaionas, Schisto and Lesvos.


More specifically, the company delivered 106,806 packages of Elite Crackers Mediterranean, 1,440 packages of KINGS and 1,360 packages of Elite and Forma Rye Rusks.



ELBISCO delivers products to the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the NGO ARSIS

ELBISCO continues its collaboration with Local Authorities and NGOs, in contribution to the humanitarian aid that is provided to the refugees and migrants living in Greece.


More specifically, the company cooperated with the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the NGO ARSIS, for the distribution of more than 40,000 packages of its products to refugee accommodation centres in Cherso, Idomeni, Nea Kavala, Giannitsa, Diavata and the city of Thessaloniki. These included packages of Petit Beurre and Classic Dipped biscuits, Allatini Cookies and Crackers, Elite Crackers and Digestive biscuits and Forma Wheat Rusks.


This action follows the cooperation between ELBISCO, the Municipality of Athens and the NGO Action Aid, concerning the distribution of more than 100,000 packages, which were provided as food aid to refugees hosted at the facilities of Elaionas, Schisto and Lesvos.



Kris Kris “Tostimo!” is innovating again – with a new, enjoyable flavour:

Mediterranean with garlic and basil

Kris Kris “Tostimo!” is innovating again, creating a new and unique flavour idea inspired by the Mediterranean.

Kris Kris “Tostimo!” Mediterranean, with garlic and basil is a fluffy wheat toast bread with olive oil, guaranteed to delight the consumer.

The new product was created by Kris Kris, the international award-winning brand which never ceases to surprise and delight its customers with its continual innovation, quality and the superior taste of its products.

With its carefully selected ingredients and perfectly balanced taste, the new product offers an enjoyable snack for any time of day.


“Nourishing toasted bread…the perfect snack”

Kris Kris “Tostimo!” is organizing an educational programme for schools, highlighting the value of a nourishing morning snack

Kris Kris “Tostimo!” is using an original, interactive happening to introduce children to the ideal morning snack for school!

Since early January 2015 the award-winning ELBISCO brand has been staging a special educational programme in nurseries and kindergartens in Attica, in association with the “Kivotos” group.

The event consists in an interactive performance, based on the central idea: “Nourishing toasted bread… the perfect snack”, and featuring the character “Tostimos - Nostimos” [Delicious Toast]. Through dialogue and play the children reach the conclusion that the ideal snack for school should be nourishing, tasty, light and made from the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

“Tostimos - Nostimos” – a delicious, soft slice of toast bread – presents all its excellent qualities to the children and encourages them to opt for toast as the ideal snack.

“Kivotos” is a specialized team of instructors, teachers and actors which designs and implements group leisure and learning activities for children aged 4 to 15. The group was founded in 2004 and has to date performed for more than 150,000 children all over Greece.



Official opening of new bread production line at ELBISCO factory in Pikermi

The new investment is part of the company’s investment programme worth 17m Euro


The new bread production line at the ELBISCO factory in Pikermi, Attica, was officially inaugurated on Tuesday 16 December, in the presence of the Deputy Minister for Development and Competitiveness, Mr Mitarakis, Members of Parliament and representatives of local authorities.


The new production line represents an investment of 5 million Euro, completed in April 2014 and forming part of the ELBISCO investment programme worth 17million Euro.


The new, state-of-the-art production line will assist the company’s strategy of consolidating its position in the brand-name, sliced bread sector, under the brand Kris Kris, and of reinforcing its presence in the own-label sector. 15% of the cost of the investment was met from the support framework provided by the Investment Act (Law 3908/2011).


At the official inauguration ceremony, the Deputy Minister for Development and Competitiveness, Mr Notis Mitarakis, made the following remarks: ”In the extremely critical economic circumstances faced by our country, as we emerge from the turmoil of the most serious financial crisis, we can take comfort, and much cause for optimism, in the completion of major investment schemes. Such schemes are important not only because they safeguard jobs, but also because they lay the foundations for increased levels of employment, production and exports, all so vitally necessary to the Greek economy.


The country’s economic model is changing. From a model based on borrowing, consumption and public spending, to a model based on exports, investment, competitiveness and the private sector. The results are already there to be seen.”


The Managing Director of ELBISCO, Mr Dimosthenis Ramantanis, spoke of the company’s development strategy for the coming years, emphasizing that:


“Each of the investments we implement is a step into the future. A step towards safeguarding the sound and dynamic future expansion of our company. We shall continue along our path; with the support of our shareholders, with contemporary structures and through the dedicated work of our personnel, we shall continue to innovate. We shall continue to create new products combining advances in food science and technology with the dietary habits and wishes of our customers. 


We shall continue to seek out new markets, to contribute to the national economy and the growth of our country. We shall continue to operate with respect for, and a great sense of responsibility to, Greek families and Greek society as a whole.”


Others honouring the event with their presence included the MPs for Attica, Messrs Georgios Vlachos, Athanasios Bouras and Athanasios Athanasiou, the Deputy Governor of Eastern Attica Mr Petros Philippou, the Mayor of Rafina, Pikermi, Mr Vasilis Pistikidis, the Secretary-General of Decentralised Administration of Attica, Mr Manolis Angelakas, as well as Ms Dimitra Philippou and Mr Kyros Philippou.


99% of ELBISCO’s turnover is accounted for by products made in Greece and exported to more than 20 international destinations. The company employs a total workforce of 780, following increases over the last two years. In 2013 ELBISCO’s turnover reached 100m Euro. Since 2008, despite the recession, the company has managed an overall increase in gross receipts of 15%, while profits before tax, interest and depreciation (EBITDA) have risen by 50%.


The attached photographs show, from left to right:

Photograph 1: Mr Dimosthenis Ramantanis, Managing Director of ELBISCO and Mr Notis Mitarakis, Deputy Minister for Development and Competitiveness

Photograph 2: Mr Dimosthenis Ramantanis, Managing Director of ELBISCO, Ms Dimitra Philippou and Mr Notis Mitarakis, Deputy Minister for Development and Competitiveness .


ELBISCO Official Supporter of the Greek Presidency

ELBISCO actively supported the work of the Greek Presidency of the European Union, offering products of exceptional quality and nutritional value.

As a Sponsor, ELBISCO granted on a monthly basis a range of products from popular brands, Allatini and Elite, contributing to the catering needs of official meetings and events that took place during the Greek Presidency.

CEO ELBISCO, Mr. Dimosthenis Ramantanis said:
"ELBISCO, a purely Greek company with a strong tradition and a dynamic profile could not be missing from the national effort to meet Greece’s obligations for the Presidency of the EU Council.  

Our aim was to contribute to a high level of organization and hospitality, giving the opportunity for prominent guests to experience flavors that Greek families have loved and prefer for decades. Simultaneously however, in a turning point for the economy and the country's international image, we wanted to reinforce the message that Greece has modern, innovative industries, capable of having a leading role in the development of the next day. "

Elbisco Official Supporter Greec Presidency


Elite achieves GUINNESS WORLD RECORD title!

On Sunday, June 22 at Park Paleo Faliro, our favorite brand Elite prepared the longest picnic table and achieved the corresponding title of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. 480 people participated at the table that was made from wood especially for the occasion with a length of 120.33 meters.

The lucky participants had the opportunity to enjoy their favorite Elite products as rusks, crackers, breadsticks, cookies, accompanied by delicious savory and sweet treats.

Present at the event was an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator who recorded and announced the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title.

The response to the call of our beloved brand Elite was so warm that many were unable to sit, so the company decided to double its financial offer to the children of the Ark of the World.
CEO Elbisco, Mr. Dimosthenis Ramantanis inter alia stated, "The distinction is an honor for our family Elbisco, a Greek company that serves with consistency and reliability the market. Our favorite brand Elite with a 40 years presence in the Greek market, managed to achieve a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title! A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of a good cause for the work of Father Anthony for children of the Ark of the World. "

The event was graced with the presence of the Father Anthony and the children of the Ark of the World, the Mayor of Paleo Faliro, Mr Dionisis Hadjidakis and local councilors, organizations and clubs in the area. H event was under the auspices of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro.

It was a very great distinction for the family of our beloved brand Elite
and we celebrated this honor with a special concert by Onirama.

This picnic that achieved the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title was a chance for us to live our own natural escape.

Elite, our natural escape!

Click here to see the video.

Elite Picnic Guinness Record


Elbisco Distinction in Transport & Logistics Awards 2014

Two major awards won by Elbisco in Transport & Logistics Awards 2014, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness, Ministry of Shipping, Aegean, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and the Federation of Enterprises (SEV).
As part of this institution, which aims to highlight excellence and innovation in the area of Supply Chain and Transport, Elbisco won the "Outstanding Performance" award in the area of "Optimization in Customer Service" and the "High Performance" award in the "Excellence in the Procurement Process " area.

The awards ceremony was held on Thursday, May 29, 2014 in the presence of the Minister of Development, Mr. Kostis Hadjidakis and more than 350 senior executives in the sector. The welcoming address of the ceremony was by Mr Haris Kyriazis, Executive Director of the Federation. On behalf of ELBISCO, Mr. Peter Kapnissis, Director of Logistics received the awards.

Mr. Petros Kapnisis, Elbisco Logistics Manager recieves "Outstanding Performance" award.  

Elbisco Logistics Awards


ELBISCO awarded at the 2013 Lighthouse Retail Business Awards

ELBISCO was named FOOD & DRINK Supplier of the Year at the 2013 LIGHTHOUSE RETAIL BUSINESS AWARDS.

This is a very important award, since the winner was selected on the basis of the results of a survey conducted by the Athens University of Economics and Business and the University of Patras, at the largest Super Market chains in the Greek market.

ELBISCO is the first entirely Greek company to be named Supplier of the Year in its category.  This is a great honour for the company, that has been consistently and reliably serving the Greek market since 1967.  

RETAIL BUSINESS AWARDS are a well established institution that, for the past 12 years, has served as a benchmark for retail and industry businesses in Greece.  It is placed under the auspices of the Ministry for Development and Competitiveness and is organised jointly with the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce and the Hellenic Retail Business Association.

On this occasion, ELBISCO Managing Director Mr  Demosthenes Ramantanis, stated the following: "At ELBISCO, we share a common vision; to create the best possible nutrition options for all, to produce and distribute quality products meeting the needs of modern consumers; and on top of that, to take care of Greece, every day and especially now during hard times for the economy and the market.  Being named “FOOD & DRINK SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR” at the 2013 RETAIL BUSINESS AWARDS, is of special importance to us, because this award comes straight from our customers.  It is important to be honoured by the people in the market offering you reasons to be optimistic that, together, we can address every challenge, now and in the future.  All of us who work at ELBISCO would like to thank our partners and consumers for the trust they have shown us, and we would like to assure them that we will continue to stand by them with quality Greek products".


Strong ELBISCO presence at the Gulfood International Food & Drink exhibition.

For the third consecutive year, ELBISCO participated in Gulfood, an exhibition organised every year in February at the Dubai World Trade Centre, in the United Arab Emirates. 

The exhibition that has been steadily growing in the past few years, is a very important reference point for the food & drink markets in the greater regions of North Africa, Middle East and Asia.  This year, more than 4,500 exhibitors participated, with more than 20,000 product labels presented to more than 80,000 visitors from 120 countries.

ELBISCO stand was at the Arena Trade Centre, within the Greek National Hall along with 46 other Greek producers, under the auspices of Enterprise Greece Organization.

Once again, ELBISCO's stand attracted numerous visitors demonstrating great interest for its special, innovative products. 


The 1st chocolate-flavoured Petit-beurre comes from Allatini and, thanks to you, was named Product of the Year. 

Chocolate-flavoured Allatini Petit-beurre was named Product of the Year 2014 in the snacks category at the Product of the Year event that each year showcases the most innovative mass market products in Greece.

Using top quality raw materials - like the Allatini All-Purpose Flour - and adding a little "twist" to the recipe, in March 2012 Allatini created the first chocolate-flavoured petit-beurre, and completely changed consumers' taste experience from a simple biscuit.

This is a product that encompasses all the classic values of the Allatini brand, quality, purity and tradition, while at the same time meeting consumers' needs for imaginative, alternative flavours.  The idea, "all the flavour of chocolate in one plain and light biscuit" was our inspiration for innovation.  So by giving a new twist to the well-known and favourite recipe, Allatini was preferred and rewarded by Greek consumers.

Messrs Nikos Assimakopoulos, Group Brand Manager, and Nikos Foliotis, Senior Brand Manager, receive the award for Product of the Year.


A Scent of Greece and the Mediterranean by Elite Crackers Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean, nature is one of a kind.  Filled with flavour and aromas, enticing us every single moment to relish it.  These are the moments captured by the camera in the TV campaign of Elite Crackers Mediterranean, with three TV spots, one for each flavour (‘With Herbs’, 'With Oregano and Feta cheese Flavour’, 'With Tomato and Basil’).

The campaign takes us on a journey to the picturesque village of Galaxidi, with seaside tables and fields of tomatoes and herbs.  The main motto is "Our Natural Delight", and we see the Mediterranean nature itself openly offering its inspiration, aroma and flavour.   It invites us to try out irresistible flavours with pure ingredients, cared for by Elite, enclosing all the strength of Mediterranean nature.



Kris Kris wishes you a nice school year!

Our favourite sliced bread offered the most delightful gifts to 20,000 kindergarten pupils and first graders!

The School Kits specially made by Care Direct, contain «Tostimo!» sandwich boxes and discount vouchers for all Kris Kris bread families, and were distributed to schools throughout Greece.    

Along with our wishes to all the students for a very good school year, we hope that their school snacks will always be scrumptious with «Tostimo!»!!


ELBISCO supports Greek Multi-Child Families!

ELBISCO is very happy to have started, since September 2013, a permanent cooperation with the Supreme Confederation of Multi-Child Parents of Greece (ASPE) and the Athens Association of Multi-Child Parents (EPA), as the highest institutional bodies representing the multi-child parents' community in the country.

Since the care and support of children and families form a key direction in our Corporate Social responsibility strategy, we are confident that this cooperation will offer practical assistance and bring our products closer to Multi-Child families throughout Greece.   ELBISCO will support events of Multi-Child families, will distribute products and discount vouchers, and will appear in their magazine sent to all members in Greece.   At the same time, the company will be able to get involved and participate in select actions of the Confederation, thus building a targeted and long-term cooperation.

The cooperation was officially launched on Sunday 08. 09. 2013, during the event organised for the "first graders", at the Intercontinental hotel.   This is an event organised every year for the children of multi-child families that will go to the first grade of primary school; this year, ELBISCO was there with a beautiful stand, offering bags with our products as well as «Tostimo!» lunch boxes, for the school snack of the entire family!


Allatini Products event with AMC

Allatini products* support AMC ...."cooking" in the largest stainless utensil in the world!

Allatini all-purpose flour that Greek consumers have been trusting for years, is now supporting an pioneering endeavour of AMC.  For the past 50 years, AMC has linked its name with top quality cooking utensils, and will cook in the largest stainless utensil in the world, measuring no less than 4 square meters, to prepare 10,000 servings! - in a very large celebration open to everybody at the TAE KWON DO indoor stadium in Paleo Faliro, on Sunday 14 April, from 11 in the morning until 9 in the evening.   Apart from the content-rich program of the event, those who attend will also get to taste Allatini biscuits and the all-new relishing Allatini cakes!!

*Produced and packaged in Greece for the past 25 years by ELBISCO SA.



Allatini Flour reveals unique recipes! 

Allatini, one of the oldest and most favourite Flour brands, is found on products for the entire family.  In 1968, Allatini All-Purpose Flour is the first packaged flour to be found in every household, and since then, the brand has been a synonym for Quality, Purity and Tradition creating products with care and love, giving life to simple, authentic flavours and creations that we all cherish!

From 1968 to date* Allatini All-Purpose Flour has filled countless family tables throughout Greece with with flavour and relish and has stood out for its unrivalled quality, the convenience it offers for creating everyday family recipes, but mainly for the guaranteed result! So it is no accident that it has, for years, been the number one favourite choice of Greek housewives across generations.

This year, as a necessary "raw material" for foods and desserts, Allatini All-Purpose flour will prove to us why our kitchen should never be without it and will also reveal secrets and tips on preparing delicious recipes using it as a main ingredient, because, as the name suggests: it is the ALL-Purpose flour!!

Two women, cooking experts, Aliki Mara and Litsa Sakka, will unravel their respective kitchen experiences and stories, starring Allatini All-Purpose Flour.  Aliki with creative and original recipes that will make everyday lives of modern families a lot easier, and Litsa in the role of a classical, traditional cook who remembers being taught to use Allatini flour from her grandmother! The campaign promises a series of recipes and secrets on how to use the Allatini All-Purpose Flour as an ally to make the most delicious dishes.

Just before Easter 2013, the two ladies will embark with Allatini All-Purpose Flour on a tasteful journey with recipes that they will jointly prepare in selected points of sale in Attica.   Each one will prepare traditional Easter recipes before a live audience and explain the process step by step, revealing the secrets for absolute success using Allatini All-Purpose Flour,  while the audience will be gathering tips on the magical world of cooking.  At the end, a recipe book will be handed out.

The planned sessions are:

  • Friday 12 (17:30-20:30) & Saturday 13 April (12:00-15:00): Carrefour Planet in Gerakas
  • Friday 19 (17:30-20:30), Saturday 20 April (12:00-15:00): Veropoulos Super Market in  Nea Smyrni
  • Friday 26 (17:30-20:30), Saturday 27 April (12:00-15:00): Sklavenitis (IZOLA) in Kallithea

For more information and weekly updates on the sessions, please visit the Allatini Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/allatini.elbisco.gr?fref=ts.

*Produced and packaged in Greece for the past 25 years by ELBISCO SA. 


The 1st chocolate-flavoured Petit-beurre...is Allatini!

Allatini is the first to offer petit-beurres with chocolate! All the delight and flavour in one simple biscuit.  The wonderful aroma and flavour are preserved even after the package is opened thanks to the easy open-close system of the adhesive label.

You have never tasted a petit-beurre like this!

The memories  of our childhood are scented with the beloved flavour of the Petit-beurre biscuits.  It is the biscuit that we held onto while taking our first steps, the biscuit that our mum used in mouth-watering sweets...it is the biscuit that smells like home.

Allatini is a brand whose name stands for quality and tradition, and holds a leading position in the Flour industry, giving life to simple and authentic flavours and creations we all love!

Allatini, a gesture of love!


Kris Kris "Fetes Zois" Horiatiko: Unique, just like our tradition!

An all new but so familiar Greek flavour is the newest addition to the Kris Kris "Fetes Zois" High Nutritional Value sliced bread family;

It is called Kris Kris "Fetes Zois" Horiatiko and it is made using sour-dough and sesame - just like all the breads of the Kris Kris "Fetes Zois" family - has no preservatives and contains wheat germ, nature's vault of nutritional value.

Serve it on your table, enjoy it with every meal, try it with your salads and relish the tasteful experience that only a very special sliced bread can offer. You will find it on the super-market shelves at a first-time offer discount of -0.30€.

Kris Kris "Fetes Zois": Life on a slice of Bread!


Nutrition Essentials, because giving is the most beautiful feeling!

Because giving is the most beautiful feeling!

Elbisco, a purely Greek company that has for years been tending the nutrition of Greek families, is fully aware of the situation prevailing in our country making the everyday lives of many of our fellow beings harder and harder.   This is the reason why we feel that we have an obligation but also feel the need to contribute in any way possible to projects supporting families truly in need.

Consumer favourites, Elite, Allatini, Kris Kris, jointly with the non-profit company "WE CAN", have been implementing a program offering goods that are essential to our nutrition, aimed at supporting at least 1,000 families throughout Greece.   "WE CAN" plays the role of the mediator, informing the social services of municipalities that food can be sent to them in order to distribute to those families.

Specifically: The following products: Kris Kris wheat sliced bread 700 gr; Elite Classic wheat rusks 500 gr; Allatini Petit-Beurre biscuits classic 225 gr, All-Purpose flour 1,000 gr, will be offered at a 20% discount.  This offer will be available in select stores in November 2012.

What's most important though is that with every purchase of the above products, the consumers' favourite brands will give 5% of sales to the stores that will participate in the program supporting at least 1,000 families by contributions in kind.

ELITE, ALLATINI and KRIS KRIS guarantee that for a period of 3 months, each family will receive 4 items of each of the participating products every month, irrespective of the sales to stores.

More families will be supported if the amount of 5% of sales is larger that the value of products sent.   In that case, more products will be sent to more families.

Corporate social responsibility will continue to form an integral part of our philosophy and strategy, contributing as much as possible to people, the environment and society as often as possible.

It is very important for all of us to be able to have the essentials.

That's why, every purchase counts!


Corporate Social Responsibility

For a purely Greek company with deep-rooted traditions and history like ELBISCO, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is something more than just the simple definition of a typical phrase.

In the current difficult economic conditions, ELBISCO has included social responsibility as an integral part of its strategy's key directions, expressing its sense of responsibility for people.

Focusing on children and families, ELBISCO annually supports the Social Groceries of Pikermi, Rafina and Pallini, the Lyreion Foundation Orphanage, as well as the Food Bank of the Holy Diocese of Hakida, consistently offering large quantities of its products, like ELITE Rusks, KRIS KRIS Bread, ALLATINI flour and biscuits, to those in need.

The company also periodically supports the Homeless Shelter of the Municipality of Athens, and dozens other organisations and Foundations.

The stance each company takes vis-a-vis society is a sign of self-respect and corporate culture, and also projects its visions and values.

ELBISCO will always be "present", by developing new ways of approaching its business activities through actions and values that are responsible, ethical and respectful of the environment, our neighbour, the local or greater society around us.  


Now a new scrumptious flavour from Kris Kris "Tostimo!" Mediterranean 

Kris Kris "Tostimo!" that taught us how to look for flavour in sliced bread and became our favourite daily habit, is now out in a new, original flavour that sets our mind to prepare endless, savoury and scrumptious delights!!!.

Kris Kris "Tostimo!" Mediterranean with fragrant oregano and extra virgin live oil, tastes wonderfully when toasted and you can try it with virtually countless savoury combinations, and make every moment of your day a tasty highlight.

The new Kris Kris "Tostimo!" Mediterranean is offered at a -0.30€ discount and you will find it on super market shelves, next to the other delightful and varied Kris Kris "Tostimo!" flavours.  


Petit-beurre ...our favourite flavour!

Our childhood memories are scented with the beloved flavour of the Petit-beurre biscuits.  It is the biscuit that we held onto while taking our first steps, the biscuit that our mum used in mouth-watering sweets...it is the biscuit that smells like home.  

Allatini is a brand whose name stands for quality and tradition, and holds a leading position in the Flour industry, giving life to simple and authentic flavours and creations we all love! So it has crated a new flavour twist of the Classic Petit-beurre, with rich flavour and a fluffy and crunchy texture!

Made with care and love, they are available in 5 splendid variations: Petit-beurre Classic, Petit-beurre Whole Wheat flour, Petit-beurre Milk & Honey, Milk Chocolate covered Petit-beurre, Butter Petit-beurre.

Allatini Petit-beurres are intended for the discerning clientèle in constant search for a truly authentic flavour from a Greek brand with long term tradition & history.   These are products with exquisite taste, inspired by our own childhood memories.  

Packaging now offers recipes for favourite and mouthwatering Petit-beurre desserts, and features easy open-close to preserve the all aroma and flavour once opened.   Allatini, a gesture of love! To the journalists: ELBISCO SA is licensed to use the ALLATINI brand and has some of the better known and most successful brands in Greece, such as Elite, Kris Kris, Vossinaki and Forma.  To ELBISCO S.A., the pursuit for product renewal and innovation is a priority among business activities.  

The company has a long-standing presence in the food market and places a great deal of emphasis on research and development for delightful products with High Nutritional Value, prioritising quality and safety.  ELBISCO SA belongs to the ELBISCO HOLDING SA Group, listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994.  For further information: Please contact Ms Dimitra Daskalakis, tel.: 210 6606234. 

Allatini, a gesture of love! 


Making cookies...what a delight!

Our childhood memories are filled with the aroma of Easter or other festive cookies, when mummy and grandma used to bake cookies filling the entire with with their wonderful aroma! So, what could be better than being able to pick those little treats up at the super-market, and indeed as tasty as the ones we would make at home!.

Allatini, a brand whose name stands for quality, purity and tradition, holds a leading position in the Flour industry, giving life to simple and authentic flavours and creations we all love! So it has created new delicious Cookies and Must-Cookies with authentic, rich and home-made flavour.  Made with care and love, they are available in 3 classic flavours: Butter Cookies, Orange Zest Cookies and Soft Must-cookies, ideal for fasting.

Allatini Cookies are intended for the discerning clientèle in constant search for a truly pure and authentic flavour from a Greek brand with long term tradition & history.  They are excellent quality products with wonderful flavour, inspired by our childhood memories, with double packaging to protect the product from the sun and moisture and preserve the aroma and flavour.

Allatini, a gesture of love!

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