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Pikermi Plant

The Pikermi plant has been one of the largest bakery products units in the Balkans for the past 40 years.  It was established in 1968 by a family of bakers (Remoundos family), and was the first company that sold packaged rusks!

It has rusk and toast bread manufacturing units.

- Actually, the rusk production line was the world's largest until the 80s! It is in continuous operation with maximum annual capacity of 14,500 tons!

- The two new, state-of-the-art and fully automated bread production lines have a 13,500 tons capacity.

Halkida Plant

Our plant in Glyfa, Halkida, was established at the end of the 60s.  

It was a pioneering plant at the time, as it produced automated machine-packaged biscuits.Currently it operates 5 production lines for biscuits, crackers and cookies,

one production line for cakes and an automatic flour packing assembly. The plant's maximum annual capacities are 16,000 tons for biscuits and 27,000 tons for packaged flour.

The plant has 7,300 square meters of specially designed storage areas to ensure best possible conditions for the products throughout the year. 

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