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Elite first became part of our lives in 1968, when it created the first packaged rusk.

Since then, the favourite brand has been dominating the segment, true to its successful tradition.  The "recipe" for success remains the same: to offer innovative products that help us maintain a daily balanced diet.  In keeping with this spirit, Elite was first to launch the salt-free rusks, the first functional rusks "for me!" and a series of light and sweet snacks called Elite ''Fit & Sweet''. What's more, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Elite launched Elite Crackers and Mini Rusks, a family of salty snacks for those in search of natural pleasure, but also Elite Zymomata Products, a family of pastry products, flavoured to evoke tradition.  With so many dietary options for every moment of the day, it has rightly become the "Elite of our lives!".

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