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Quality & Safety 

At ELBISCO we claim your confidence, every single day. We do not just state that we are devoted to quality and safety, we prove it using reliable criteria (BRC*, IFS**), and constantly evolve through the strictest evaluation and upgrade processes.

We continuously invest in research, and constantly monitor each and every production phase of our products until they are sold, employing a team of experts that work passionately on us being able to guarantee top quality for all our products.

* BRC: BRC (British Retail Consortium) is an internationally recognised, British food safety technical standard,

that was developed so that consumers can enjoy the maximum level of safety specifications.                                             

 ISO22000 Halkida 

 ISO22000 Pikermi 

ISO14001 Pikermi  

ISO9001 Halkida 

ISO9001 Pikermi  

ISO22000 Magoula 

BRC Halkida

BRC Pikermi

IFS Halkida 


At ELBISCO, we apply the standard jointly with the already existing Food Quality and Safety Standards,

and it is used to validate various aspects, from suitability of facilities and equipment to the most

detailed processes of quality control, of analyses as well as the company's policies.

** IFS: IFS (International Food Standard) is a food safety technical standard established

by the German and French Retailers Federations. It lays down special requirements for the safety,

legality and quality of foods and aims at a uniform control of food safety and the highest quality

levels for suppliers. At ELBISCO, we apply the standard along with the already existing standards

with a view to having an integrated product safety management system in place.  



Quality & Safety
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