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We are a Greek company that has been consistently and reliably serving the market since 1967. At ELBISCO SA we produce products that last in time, are favoured by thousands of Greek families, and travel to more than 20 international destinations.


In Greece we have 2 modern plants, where our 700 employees produce 99.5% of our products, under strict quality specifications.

Our operation is guided by our utmost respect for the environment and we stand by you, especially the people who are most in need. We support local communities where we operate, offering products to Social Groceries, Foundations and sensitive social groups, in cooperation with NGOs recognised for their work.

For all of us who work here and for all of you who choose our products every day, ELBISCO signifies the care which passes on, through our products, from one generation to the next and becomes part of every Greek family.

Caring for Greece everyday
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