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ELBISCO family was created in 1987 and has its name associated with favourite brands that Greek consumers have honoured for years with their love and trust.

Guided by quality, high nutritional value and respect for consumers, ELBISCO has known a dynamic course since its inception focusing its activities on the pursuit of product renewal and innovation.  

ELBISCO is an entirely Greek company which operates across the Greek territory offering its products to Greek families on a daily basis.

Currently, Elite, η Allatini, Kris Kris, Vossinakis and Forma make up our valuable heritage: manufacturing products of top quality, exquisite taste and high nutritional value is our commitment, with a view to satisfying our consumers.  

Similarly, innovation forms an integral part of our history and strategy.  

Innovation that is always in line with contemporary needs and requirements, consumers' dietary habits and desires, and scientific and technological developments in the food industry.  It is no coincidence that Allatini was the first company in Greece to use flexible packaging in "roll" for biscuits, Elite was the first to launch the classic toasted bread rusk, and Kris Kris was the brand that launched toast bread in Greece and continued its pioneering course with the "Fetes Zois" and Kris Kris "Tostimo!" launches.

Since their inception, all three ELBISCO brands have made several firsts that went down in history, such as Soft Kings by Allatini; the first packaged toast bread and the first preservatives-free pasteurised bread launched in Greece by Kris Kris; all-purpose flour by Allatini and Elite's toasted bread rusks that have been the leaders in their segment for years.  Elite toasted bread rusks were the first packaged rusks in Greece back in 1968.

Always looking ahead, ELBISCO continues to grow dynamically looking for new markets and researching new innovative products.

All these years, the focus has been on the uncompromising quality of products and services, respect for clients-consumers, a safe working environment and offering to society in multiple and diverse ways. 

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Our vision is to create best dietary choices for everyone!
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Our vision is to create best dietary choices for everyone!
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